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Importing files from Google Drive to Elements 2022 Organizer fails: drive letter is wrong

Mar 08, 2022 Mar 08, 2022

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Hi you out there,

I've got a problem to successfully import files stored on Google Drive to Adobe Elements 2022 Organizer as, after import, the location path of the files is wrong. The drive letter is changed after import (here from "I" to "J").


Programs and versions:

OS: Win 10 Pro 64-bit (v 21H2)

Program: Adobe Elements 2022 Organizer (v 20.0)

Google Drive (v


I try to import files that are stored on Google Drive via bulk import (as explained here).

Therefore I added Google Drive to "watched folders". The import itself seems to be okay, the video files are imported and thumb pictures are generated. I can work with the files, open them, add tags and so on.


Now, after restarting Organizer the following happens:

I see all those thumbs, can work with tags inside the catalog but: all files cannot be found anymore because the location path in Adobe Organizer changed. In my case, the drive letter changed from "I" to "J", so Adobe searches the file on "J" but it was imported from "I". And this happens even after reinstalling Organizer, and I was able to reproduce exactly the same problem on my computer at home with a similar configuration.

I can also reproduce the problem by adding the files by using "import from files and folders". 


Now I think I might have found the cause:

Via the official Google Drive software I connect to more than one Google Drive. This is an official function and all the Google Drives you connect get a different drive letter assigned. In my case, I add a folder to "watched folders" on my Google Drive with the letter "I". The imported media than shows the location "J", and this is another Google Drive but not the correct one.


Now before discussion hopefully starts and you guys out there might find a solution for me there are some important points I want to tell you:


- I need to connect to several Google Drives on a Workspace Enterprise account. This is necessary, removing those drives is not an option for me.

- There are a lot of video files I want to import and they are stored on that Google Drive. It's also not an option to copy any files to hard disk :-(.

- To make that clear: I only want to add files only from one Google Drive. The one with the letter "I". I do not want to import files from more than one Google Drive. Actually that Google Drive with the letter "I" is the only location I want to add files from, no other source :-).


So.... what can I do now, I hope you can help me.

This might possibly help you by finding a solution or workaround:

I could reproduce a similar behaviour of Adobe Organizer by importing my files from Google via the software ExpanDrive. The software connects online storages as network drives. Expandrive creates a drive letter but importing the files creates a location path that is something like this:

"(ExpanDrive as NetworkDrive)\abc-defg-123\My Drive\my-important-files.mov"

This "abc-...-123" is a unique code for the connected online storage generated by ExpanDrive, and Adobe Organizer changes this location path as well after importing the files, so they are unaccessable just like with Google Drive.


Thanks in advance for your ideas or solutions or.....


Bug , Import and export , Organizer , Problem or error , Windows






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