Mac OS 11, PS Elements 2021.3 update infinite loop

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Aug 28, 2021 Aug 28, 2021

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Opened PS Elements 2021 (still claimng to be version 19) to see a notice of an available update (2021.3). According to the app, I have version "20210304.m.156367". It is tempting to interpret "20210304" as "2021.3xxx" but I don't think "logic" has anything to do with Adobe.


Ay any rate, one has a choice when encountering the update notice: "Install Now" or "Install on Exit".

Either choice, even after several Restarts and Forced Quits rsults in a dialog with the following:

        There is no application set to

      open the URL auphd://update?




     Search the App Store for an application

      that can open this document, or choose

      an existing application on your computer.

There are 3 buttons: "Search App Store", "Chhose Application..." and "Cancel".

It is now impossible to actually Quit Elements. The only way to "Quit" is the "Force Quit" function which then causes a "Send Report to Adobe because of an error" dialog.


I know PS Elements is one of the last Adobe apps to have a perpetual license. Is this just another attempt to discourage this method?

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