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original time stamp corrupted (possibly from the 'write keyword tag and properties info') command.

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May 30, 2024 May 30, 2024

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I recently realized when comparing recent backup to an old one that the "date and time taken" was off-set in some photos by 5 or 6 hours (my daylight savings/standard time off-set from GMT). It seemed random initially, two photos taken only seconds apart would have a 6 hour difference in 'time taken' when I look in the "properties" of the actual source file in File Explorer.   Interestingly, looking at the affected photos while in the photoshop browser, or clicking on "show properties" while in photoshop, shows both photos taken at same time (the correct time) even when the source files show an off-set in one of them. In other words, I look at a 2 photos while in Photoshop browser and they are correct with the info under both photos saying 5:30 PM, but the metadata for the file in Explorer shows 11:30 PM for one and 5:30 PM for the other. 

After some reading, this may have to do with "Writing keyword tags" to file. However, I did a test run, and loaded a photo, then added it to an "album" then added a tag, then wrote the tag to the photo. None of these caused the time stamp shift in my test photo. 

1) I find it curious that photoshop browser is not showing what file metadata shows. File time looks correct in PS browser, even when source is incorrect.

2) This is a huge problem because when doing a back up of catalog, the back up is seeing the actual source file metadata which is now corrupted and if I restore from back up, the new Photoshop on new computer may show incorrect data.

3) I believe, from reading, that this may occur when "writing keyword tags and properties" to file is used (although it seems to happen randomly).  If so, WHY on earth would adding a person's name to a photo change the time stamp and how can I prevent or fix this?

Using PS Elements 7 (getting ready to port everything over to Elements 22 on new computer.)

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