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Photoshop 2021 still fails to address long standing places/map functionality quirks

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Mar 13, 2021 Mar 13, 2021

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I am still using photoshop 6.0  and have downloaded and tried to look at versions of photoshop over the years, but never found any compelling reason to upgrade, plus the facial recognition slowed my computer to a crawl, so i always gave up and reverted back to using the old version.  with PSE 2021 and a fast computer, i decided to try again.  after a week of analysis of >25,000 photos, it had done its facial recognition job and i spent a lot of time helping it learn by combining/naming faces....i was beginning to think that i was going to give Adobe some money this time....then i tried to deal with Places. 


The Map based Places functionality is very poorly conceived in my opinion and i understand from reading these forums that PSE 2021  is six versions into this map functionality and people have been providing feedback since then.   Amazing to read a threads like this and seethat Adobe does not listen to the feedback. 


I attempted to add an existing place to the map it creates a NEW HIERACHY?   I had an existing hand built places hierarchy imported at United States> Louisiana > New Orleans >  Jackson Square.  When i right click Jackson Square and place it on the map,  it builds a completely separate Hierachy matching EXACTLY the one I have (why?)  but also PSE refuses to call it Jackson Square as i had it named...instead it calls it French Quarter and changes all the photos I had tagged with Jackson Square to French Quarter...  I tried to place Mulate's restaurant and it calls it "Central Business District"  i have seen the forum feedback that I can rename it...but if you add another site in the same area...you are back to the same issue.  Adobe seems to refuse to let us be as granular as we all want to be in places     Try as i might to trick it to do what i want i can't get it to accept how I want this organized.


So i thought no problem I'll just keep managing my places manually.  They all came over from the old version and i can see the existing non map based tree there.   Then i discover, YOU CAN'T manually add places without placing them on the map.  


I have read suggestions that tell me i could recreate my places hierarchy under tags and manage it there....ok...ridiculous amount of rework,   it also ruins the one feature of newer versions of PSE I like about places, when you drag a lower level of the places hierarchy onto the photo, it automatically adds the tags above it to the photo....that saves me a lot of dragging.


This is SO EASY to resolve Adobe,  just add the option to "Add places not on map" to the objects in the places hierarchy.    CHECK,  DONE .  Clearly PSE already supports and manages such non-map based places as they already exist in the imported hierarchy.  Would there be any hope for seeing an ability manually curate places fixed in PSE 2022?  

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