Photoshop Elements 2020 - no refresh while dragging layer in canvas

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Aug 01, 2022 Aug 01, 2022

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Hi, I'm having an issue after reinstalling my copy of Photoshop Elements 2020. When I use the Move Tool to drag a layer around, its contents do not refresh to the new position unless I release the mouse button - only then the layer is redrawn in the new location. I've disabled Auto Select Layer. I've switched to my dedicated GPU. Any ideas what I can do to have it behave properly? Before I had to reinstall it because of a Windows clean install, it worked as expected, I could see the layer contents moving around while dragging.


Another smaller issue that I always had with the 2020 version is that when I use CTRL to select a few layers, the last layer I click in the panel doesn't get selected unless I release CTRL. Not a deal breaker, but still annoying.


I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!








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