Phtoshop Elements Apple Store MacOS and NAS issues.

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Jan 21, 2022 Jan 21, 2022

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I made the mistake of opening and saving a file through Photoshop Elements on my NAS and now Photoshop refuses to even launch unless I have my NAS connected. I have cleared the recent list in hopes of rectifying the issue, but that did not work.


This is pretty silly to begin with. Why would the program not launch if it cannot connect to a network drive. Even if there was a file in the recent list there is no reason it should need access to that drive unless I wanted to open the file. As of now, it will just bounce in the start bar until you forcequit throwing a "cannot connect to drive" error.


Note: This is only on the appstore version, 2019. I have an older version I still run on my windows machine and it does not have this issue.


Anyway, I know this will not help me now as I have 2019 and this will not be patched, but at least someone at Adobe can fix this issue in future version to save other people the trouble.

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