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Please connect to the internet to validate your serial number (old copy suddenly malfunctioning)

New Here ,
Nov 06, 2022 Nov 06, 2022

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I am adding a lot of DETAILED info, please read it all before answering with generic things that i have already done. Thank you very much.


Adobe Photoshop elements 14

windows pc running windows 7

personally owned copy of PS elements 14, owned for about 8 years 

previously running on this computer no problem (1st month fine before first issues popped up) 

this is second computer i have program installed on,.. cannot try the first comp as its dyeing so i have however used this comp for 3 months with this software and it was working. 


Hello my copy I have owned and used for maybe 8 ish years is now malfunctioning. I had 1 month of it running fine on this comp. It started about 2 months ago by asking me to sign in to adobe everytime i started the program, ok so I started signing in, (i figured it was a security update)  then it upped the anti by then telling me to verify my serial number starting last month, ok i inputted that (what a pain to sign in AND input the 16 digits serial number each time!) then now after 2 months of this nonsense it says I am not connected to the internet and as such it won't open my software.


I own this.


I have registered it years ago, this is on my second comp as the first is dyeing, so it was functioning on this one for the last 3 months. This is a pc windows 7 which ironically is older than the dying comp. but old faithful was working  for 3 months and had the minimum system requirements listed on the box, so why can't it recognize I am online now?


i searched the help forums, i have followed instructions to check i am connecting to the adobe server that i got from the resolve connections errors page.

1) i see the dual image, so that means i have a connection to adobe activation servers.


2) i clicked on the link that takes me to a secured site that then says PONG, and i saw the pong,.. off both the links which i didnt think you were supposed to be able to but i can. So i shut down the whole comp and rebooted. Still no luck.


2 A+B resetting hst files) i ran the windows limited access repair tool that says i am good, (perhaps i wasnt properly in admin mode? How do i do that??)

And good god i will not be manually resetting host files because for sure I'll destroy my comp. surely thats dangerous in my hands! 


3) I then checked to see if i could access the secured sites and it worked. 


4) I then did the checking of the global sign root ca certificates and it matches the 5 check marks on the trouble shooting page.


i still cannot get past the error message screen saying 


please connect to the internet to validate your serial number ----> with the quit and validate button at the bottom, i press validate and it just refreshes that error screen asking to connect to the internet. 


I AM ON THE INTERNET, i am searching help, i am able to see the secured site i am signed into the adobe cloud which it asks me to do first before it comes to this screen so i am connected and signed in. I can google help, browse youtube,.. , so why is it continually asking me to sign in to validate? It wont to allow me to use the program until i validate. It says sign in required to run the software. 


When i open photoshop and it initializes it gives the options of photo editor, video editor etc, i press photo editor and if you use the drop down from photo editor button it shows the files of my most recent work so i pressed a project to see if it bypasses this nonsense and no it does not,.. just goes right into sign in required to run the software so i sign into adobe with email and password, it then says validate serial number i press validate and its stuck there. 


I cannot get passed this. I am not a smart tech person.


Whats my best option,.. do i delete photoshop from my life and go to Corel draw or some such?


Or are you folks at adobe gonna fix your software? Because i seem out of options here. 


Literally i am so not a tech person when i could not find the way to post a question on the forums on my pc searching adobe community i had to do a search on my ipad and somehow the ipad shows the blue post button while the pc did not. Why the pc refuses to allow a person to post on the community help section is bizarre. 



Bug , Problem or error , Windows






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Community Expert ,
Nov 06, 2022 Nov 06, 2022

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I have indeed read all of the information in your post, but since you are making reference to a number of different solutions, without giving us links, I am not going to go searching for them or guess which of the many possible solutions you may have tried.  This is a user to user forum, so forgive me if you have already tried these solutions.   And in future it would be helpful for you to post a screenshot of any error messages you are getting.


You have told us that you have had two computers with Elements 14 installed.  Based on what you have described, it is possible that you have exceeded the activations allowed.  It's not clear whether you have upgraded your OS on either of your computers.  If you have, it will be treated as a separate activation - hence the possibility that you have exceeded the two allowed.  The fact that the program worked for about a month further suggests an activation problem since you would have been in Trial Mode before that without activating the license.


In order to solve the activation issue, you must contact Adobe Support and tell them that all you need is to reset your license activation.  You can start a chat session by clicking on the blue Contact Us button under the Help & Support menu at Adobe.com. Or you can contact Support by telephone using the numbers listed here: https://helpx.adobe.com/contact/phone.html.  Hours of operation are limited outside the US.


If this is not an activation problem, then download and install the free Creative Cloud Desktop application.   You do not need to purchase any subscription, but the application is used to verify licensing.  You can find the download at this link.







Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
community guidelines