Printing one tab only in Elements 14

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Jan 14, 2021 Jan 14, 2021

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Am I missing something?

I often have multiple tabs running in Photoshop Elements 14, but have never been able to discover why the software won't allow me to print out just one of the tabs.

For example, if I have six different tabs currently in progress and I wish to print just one, when I execute the print command, Elements14 puts all in the print window! I can remove the unwanted five, singly, [you can't seem to group them] but Elements doesn't remember any of this if the print dialog is closed and re-opened.

If I go back to the print dialog and select just one image in the print dialog, a blue outline appears around it; then I setup the print parameters, they get applied to all the tabbed images and all are spooled out to the printer! Then I have to command the printer to print the just one of spooled images, and quickly stop the paper feed or pause the printer to prevent the unwanted print-outs. Madness!


In this respect Elements 6 was much more printer friendly.


Any ideas, welcome?

Problem or error, Windows







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