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Problem importing photos from iPhone X to Photoshop Elements 15

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Sep 14, 2022 Sep 14, 2022

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I have been using Photoshop Elements 15 for many years, with various iPhones, and have had no problems importing pictures. However, I am now using an iPhone X, with Windows 10, and experiencing increasing difficulty. In the past, I could go to 'import from camera or card reader' > 'Apple iPhone' and the application would identify all the photographs on my phone then only import the photographs that had not been previously imported. Now it tries to import nearly everything, irrespective of whether the photo has been previously imported or not. If I go to the advanced dialogue box, most but not all the pictures from the phone are displayed in the selection panel but the photos are not shown in the correct chronological sequence and the date and time information, as to when the photographs were taken, is often wrong. I have a suspicion that the import procedure is being affected by various photographs and videos that are automatically being saved to my phone via WhatsApp, which often come up as broken or corrupted files when imported into Elements. The attached screen shot shows the organizer import panel with some of the photographs out sequence and with the incorrect date/time information. I should be grateful for any suggestions on how to correct the import problem.Elements Organizer.jpg

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