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Dec 20, 2020 Dec 20, 2020

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Just thought I would share my recent experience. I have been using PsE in various releases since 2005 but more intensly since 2016. In 2018 I was very upset when the maps in my 6 months old program stopped working. Adobe new this would happen but still sold the program. Pay for upgrade was the only solution which I did. I then found a bug in the program which experts on this forum confirmed was real. No fix from Adobe. In Nov 2020 PE21 came out and the bug is fixed so I bought it. After 2 weeks it would not load so I thought maybe it's time to stop this, get a refund and switch to the subscription program Lightroom Classic. After all, even Adobe say 'Take the step up to Lightroom' so it must be better?So I dowloaded it on 7 day trial and imported my catalog of 12,116 photos. Not a good experience. I found organising not so easy and all my current PsE system of Events, Places and Faces was not easily usable. Moreover when I tried to create a slideshow or photo collage it was really hard. After trying many other things my decision was to cancel Lightroom and stick with Elements, it's so much easier.

I have re installed it and it works fine now. So this is a Praise for Elements and a Thumbs down for LIghtroom.








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