PSE 18 w/NIK: NIK not always easily available?

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Nov 28, 2021 Nov 28, 2021

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I have Photoshop Elements 18 with the original NIK Collection as an addon. My problem is that the NIK menu doesn't always show. It only shows when PSE is closed and I select to edit an image (that is in Faststone) in PSE from a Faststone dropdown menu (right click in Faststone>Edit with External Program). If I now close the image in PSE, NIK's menu disappears? When leaving PSE open and either choosing an image to edit from PSE>Open or from Faststone>Edit with External Program, the image opens in PSE, but there is no NIK menu? Now the kicker: In all cases when NIK's menu doesn't appear, clicking File>Automated Tools>NIK Collection Selective Tools apparently does nothing to show the NIK menu??? However, even though, under the above conditions, I can't get to the NIK menu directly, I can go to Filter>NIK>which then allows for selection of a specific NIK tool...but this is a PITA as I have to keep going to Filter>NIK for each specific tool? Basically and bottom line: I'd like to always have the full NIK menu showing, and if not, I'd like to have the full NIK menu always available through File>Automated Tools>NIK Collection Selective Tools.

I know that this request is somewhat complicated. So, please feel free to ask me to clarify if needs be.  Thanks.

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