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Steps to Completely Delete Photos from Laptop

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Jul 04, 2021 Jul 04, 2021

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I haven't been able to edit photos for about 13 days because of problems when I in error mixed Nikon Capture NX-D and View NX-1 with Photoshop Elements 2020. I've received some helpful replies. https://community.adobe.com/t5/photoshop-elements/how-to-safely-delete-all-photos-from-hard-drive-am.... I've also searched the Community Forum.


 I'm now ready to move on and delete all photos on my Mac's hard drive so I can edit them again with PSE. I plan to put photos from my memory card onto an external hard drive. These are the steps I plan to follow. Are they correct?  I'm not that technically savvy. I'm grateful for any suggestions in baby steps to my three questions. In advance, I appreciate any answer to any question.

1.    Reformat external hard drive for a Mac

2.    Connect hard drive to laptop

3.    Create folder in external hard drive for photos


Question #1 for Step #3: 


When I go to make a folder, will I be presented with something like "Choose" or "Create New Folder?"   Should I be able to create subfolders too?


4.      Connect card reader to external hard drive 

5.      Transfer photos from external hard drive to laptop.


Question #2 for Step #5:


Will I be prompted for what to do to start download? Or what choice on the menu do I select to do this?  File?  Edit? Something else?


6.   Delete photos completely by going to the Organizer and choosing Delete. I want all the photos in the Organizer deleted because all photo file on my computer are disconnected. There are about 300. (They're really messed up. Some have .Nef extension and some have .JPEG extension.) 


Question #3 for Step #6:


May I delete the first set of photos before re-importing them from hard drive? Otherwise, the duplicate photos will not be downloaded a second time. True? 



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