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Tag Maintenance: El Org vs Windows Tags

Explorer ,
Dec 30, 2022 Dec 30, 2022

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How can old, not being used File Tag Properties be edited independent without Organizer learning that you did this?  I use Elements Organizer 2023 with my WIN11 64Bit OS. I have used Organizer for many years. Previously, 12 years?, there were other Apps used. The Organizer Tags are fine. They actually reside with the Tag data found in each file Properties, under the DETAILS tab as you do that right click to access that files Properties. This is where my wish to do some Tag maintenance. As due to the history of my catalogue endeavors there exists a residual amount of unneeded Tag data, in the file's Properties. Now, these other Tags go un noticed by Organizer though these other residual Tag data are "Seen" by other applications and treated as 'bonafide' image references. For instance, on another Cloud Server the Organizer Tab data is managed, which is fine, BUT, so are unwanted Tag data not used anymore which, makes lots of clutter. ... The issue, Organizer cannot see these other Tags so it cannot delete them or, when these unwanted Tag data are deleted, via WINDOWS, Organizer feels left out and informs me file properties changed m, that those changed files are being imported as duplicate files.  Just what I do not need to happen. My trial options have run out and I am left with either  With It or clean 100s of thousands of file data and reimport into a new Cataloge. The second gets real scary when you consider Place location, face recognition, People Keywords and Events and Album continuity are all lost. 

The End


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