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This question is for developers

Engaged ,
Dec 03, 2023 Dec 03, 2023

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Hello, this is a request for developers. 

I wish to support Adobe products (one time purchase only) like Photoshop Elements, and I thanks them, because also we, housewifes that try to learning Photoshop and in future, try to become a freelance graphic photo designer , and try to live by myself instead of being a problem for my Family. But I cant even think to afford a subscription.

Of course, who, like me, is not a professional photographer, but like a lot to learn Photoshop and who knows, in future, try to have a freelance job, (salturary, not full time, but always a way to support myself and not being always on the "shoulders" of my Family (Im not married). So I wish to learn Photoshop.

Ive purchased Photoshop Elements but unfortunately, for some tutorials Im following and Ive invested on, they use Photoshop cs6 features like "Color Lookup" and "Curves" and "Selective Color".

I dont know how to supply this, so Im asking, please, i future can you add these features to Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements can be for who like us are not professional photographers, and we can afford subsctription. 

I have to search an old Photoshop cs6 selled on ebay or Amazon, but if you can add these features to Photoshop Elements, it would be better.

I hope this dream can become true, as for now Im a bit "blocked" to advance and I really felt sad I dont want to hide that  I even cried many times for this problem. 

Maybe is not easy to understand if one dont know every single situation.. but I cant really go to follow my studies of Photoshop, if missed these features. 

In future, if my Dreams will be true, I will remember of the Photoshop subsctriptions. 


Thank you for reading in advance. 








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