Upgrade from Elements 15 to 2020 to get support of HEIC. Nothing but troubles so far - anyone tips?

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Aug 25, 2020 Aug 25, 2020

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Hi community!

Heavy user of Elements 15, but after acquisition of (business-mandatory) iPhone, I was not able to import any HEIC, so I saved them on .jpg, and through USB in "compatible" mode, got them into EL15. But that was cumbersome, and lots of quality issues.

Now I got over 3500 pictures, and discoverd that EL2020 support HEIC natively. Hooray, I guess. So after acquiring EL2020, connected my phone on USB. "Device offline / disconnects" all the time. Could be linked to the MDM suite on the iPhone (lockscreen rules), according to Apple. Their advice: buy some iCloud space so your pictures get synced to iCloud Photos, and install iCloud on your Windows 10 PC. So far so good, and indeed, I see my 3500 pictures! Hooray I guess. Performing "bulk import" from EL2020 crashed after 2 minutes. Retried it, crashed again after 3 minutes. No crash report, nothing. EL2020 just closes. As a last resort, I ctrl-A all in that iCloud directory, and copied the whole damn thing over to a local drive. Took lots of time (+-20GB). Time to try EL2020 again!

But. You can guess: it import 500-600'ish pictures, and thén I get this crash report. Did fill out the fields to send over to Adobe, but in the end:

- bought iCloud stuff for nothing

- bought Elements 2020 for nothing

This is a huge disappointment from the start.

Anyone with a golden tip?

Thank you!

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