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Why won't Photoshop Elements 2023 on Mac open 10-bit HEIC files?

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Jun 01, 2024 Jun 01, 2024

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I have Photoshop Elements 2023 for Mac, running on a Mac Studio with Mac OS 14.4. When I try to open an HEIC image taken with an iPhone 14 Pro, it sometimes works, and sometimes says "Could not complete your request because Photoshop Elements cannot recognize the file extension." Both files are .HEIC images, and both are marked by GraphicConverter as "HDR".


I finally realized that the ones that won't open are using 10-bit color. (GraphicConverter reports the file format as "HEIC 10-bit", which don't work in Photoshop Elements; and reports the format a "HEIC" for the ones that do).


What is going on? My iPhone lets me choose JPG or HEIC, but there is no setting I can see for disabling 10-bit HEIC. And why won't Photoshop read 10-bit HEIC files, if that is one of the common formats produced by iPhones now? I also can't find any mention of this issue on the Internet. Am I the first one to notice?


One reason I updated to Photoshop Elements 2023 was that I hoped it would have better HEIC support. Now I find that it can't open half my files...

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