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Win 10 SymLinks - make sure you know what you are doing

Explorer ,
Feb 16, 2021 Feb 16, 2021

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Because I don't think I did!  I certainly did not realize the potential consequences.

I wanted to easily be able to get to various locations on my secondary HDDs (D:\ and M:\) from the Explorer quick links bar.  But I could not get it to work by jusst dragging the icon from the Explorer file tree to the bar.  Then I found an article saying one had to create symlinks to be able to add them to quick links.  So I did that.  Since I needed a place to store the symlinks, I created a folder c:\Users\[user]\SymLinks.

Now I discover that the file path stored in the Organizer's database includes the SymLinks folder for some of my files! Not the direct path to the files themselves. It appears to happen when I use Import from Files and Folders and navigate to the folder in question - probably 'invoking' a symlink, although that is a guess; I am not going to take the time to experiment. So I get the following in my Import Folders list: (see attached screen shot)

Now, maybe, if I really understood what I was doing and how it all worked, I could make it work.  But I think that I just got too smart for myself and plan to remove those symlinks and go back to a simpler lifestyle. 

As to the files with the 'bad' paths?  I'll probably folow the existing Organizer folder paths to isolate the affected files, delete them from the catalog, and then re-import them.


Import and export , Organizer , Problem or error






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