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Mar 02, 2019

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I am (finally) getting to use more and more functions of PSE2019. One thing I was experimenting with is the Photo Book option.

What I have is some pictures that I want to make a photobook of to send to people in PDF format. One other example is a very old family photobook. I have photographed the whole pages of the album because of the extra written information on the pages and want to make that into a PDF. The album format is not one of the only two options listed when creating a Photobook.

Is there a way to add extra sizes to these options? I can find old screenshots of people using other sizes from Shutterstock print service. So I think it should be possible to add more photobook sizes.

I think it is kind of silly to have only two templates here. For example, the landscape 297x21mm should also be available in portrait mode.

So my question is if anyone has managed to add extra photoalbum templates to PSE.

Can I get the Shutterstock additions somewhere to add these to Elements? Has anyone ever created new ones (based on the only two existing ones and are they available somewhere?







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