Conversion from PSElements 2020 to PSElements 2021 failed

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Dec 12, 2020 Dec 12, 2020

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Problem: Cannot convert PhotoshopElements2020 Catalog to PhotoshopElements2021 - process says catalog is corrupt.

I tried "repair anyway" - still fails

Here's my situation:
I am attempting to move 47,000+ photos off an old HP Laptop running current Windows 10
- running PhotoshopElements 2020 with no problem
- PhotoshopElements catalog started with PhotoshopElements 3, then PhotoshopElements 5, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 2020
- all coversions up to and including PhotoshopElements 2020 went fine
- 2 external hard disks + internal drive hold the 47K+ photos

- Attempting to MOVE TO:

New HP Desktop (Win10) with 8gb internal drive, running PhotoshopElements2021/PremiereElements2021

(My first install of PhotoshopElements 2021 on the HP Desktop failed with a clean copy of photos - I ended up having to uninstall/reinstall PhotoshopElementslements/Premiere Elements 2021)

1) I copied the catalog from the laptop to the desktop, with the intent of reconnecting the files. I got the message the catalog was corrupt
2) I "repaired anyway", optimized", and rebuilt the index under PhotoshopElements2020 on the laptop, then copied the catalog to the desktop. I got the same message saying the catalog was corrupt.
3) I backed up the entire 47K photos in Elements2020 on the laptop, then did a restore onto the Desktop. All the files moved fine, but the conversion of the catalog failed with the same error message.
4) I clicked through all 47K+ photos on the laptop, making sure they all were connected to their source media. A few disconnects were removed.
- I optimized and "repaired anyway"
- I backed up PhotoshopElements2020 from the laptop which had zero disconnects, to an external hard disk, then turned off auto analyze and face analysis on Photoshop Elements 2021
5) I restored from that external hard disk to the internal drive on the new Desktop, running PhotoshopElements2021
- again, all of the photos and videos moved onto the HP internal drive with no apparent problems
- I get the same 'catalog is corrupt' error.

what now?

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