Have streaking on transparency paper Elements 15

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Feb 29, 2020 Feb 29, 2020

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Hello, I use Adobe Elements 15 for my work.

I've been using Elements for years with no issues until a couple of days ago. All of a sudden I'm getting streaking on the paper I'm using. I'm using a transparency paper with a cardboard backing that is about as thick as cardstock maybe a little thinner. I have been printing on this paper for a year or more. I was using a brother printer and thought well maybe that's the issue. So we checked the machine to make sure that the parts were okay. We found that the drum unit was ready to go so we opted to just buy a new machine since the drum unit was just as much as a new machine. Well I did some research and purchased a HP LaserJet Pro. It's been updated to the new firmware. I still have the same issue. The settings are the same in Adobe and on my printer. I printed a test page from the control panel and it printed just fine on that transparency. But when I go to print from Adobe I get the streaking. I did look through Adobe help and Adobe community and couldn't find anything like what I'm experiencing. I really don't know what else to try. Can anyone help me?

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