Join the Movement: Why We Need Creativity For All

Feb 10, 2020 Feb 10, 2020

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After graduating, I worked for Americore in South Central LA. Every student I worked with had been affected firsthand by gang violence, homelessness, hunger, abuse, trauma, and depression. They had been kicked out of school for a variety of reasons and had believed the lie that they were too damaged to learn. I needed to find a way to engage my students. Photography had always been my creative outlet, so I decided to give creativity a try.


I was able to get a few cheap digital cameras and Adobe software through TechSoup. I sent my students out to take photos to tell their stories and showed them how to use Photoshop. The students were amazed that a computer could be used for more than web browsing and they were so proud to tell their stories. Most importantly, they realized there was another possible future.


Photo taken by one of my students on one of the first Kodak digital cameras.Photo taken by one of my students on one of the first Kodak digital cameras.


The spark of excitement and hope that came with engaging with creative tools is why we need #CreativityforAll. Students who come from marginalized backgrounds cannot comprehend any other future for themselves until someone exposes them to tools of creativity that allow them to begin to see opportunities beyond their current situations.


I love the fact that I now work for the company that empowered my previous students to achieve better futures and I want to invite all of you in our user community to join in the #CreativityForAll Movement. Here's how YOU can make a huge difference in the lives of those who are marginalized:


➊ Take the time to thank those who’ve inspired your creativity, from your mentors to your idols to your teachers.


➋ Join our #CreativityForAll movement and share your gratitude for someone who inspired your creativity by posting on Twitter using the hashtag #CreativityForAll


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