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Mar 06, 2020 Mar 06, 2020

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I have a PSE 8 which has worked very well for a long time. I have made partial security back-ups frequently. I have experienced the hard way now that this was wrong. When I need to re-start the system with all my projects, I have to use ALL previously saved part back-ups (totally nine), which I did not know, so I can not make a fresch re-start using all part security copies, since they have been over-written. Only the last two are available

When I try to make a full security back-up copy, this is not possible since I get a fault-message with a red cross and the back-up copy is not possibel to use.

I think it depends on one of the projects, since I get a fault-message when I try to delete this project from the Elements Organizer. The message says: "A fault appeared when files were read or written to the disc. The disc may be full or there may be a problem with the source.material." The Elements Organizer shows that the project is erased 40% before it is stopped and the fault-message accures.

The disc is not full and I have deleted all pictures in this project from PSE, but still it not possible to erase the project. I have made a replica of the faulty project and tried to erease that without any problems, so it seems like there are no problems with the source material either, so something went wrong when I created the faulty project and I don't understand what and how to solve it.

Since I made a misstake by using part security-copy, I have only a very old full security-copy to use,

and this is not relevant since I have created so many new projects after this. I am a little desperate since so much work can be vasted if I don't solve this problem.

I need help either to delete the faulty project and be able to make a new full security copy, or information about how I can create a new full security copy of only two out of totally nine part security copies.

Please can anyone help...









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