Problem with Adobe Photoshop Elements Organiser 11 reconnecting to files

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Dec 01, 2019

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I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 on my Sierra 10.12.6 iMac. All of my photos are located on a windows networked Home Server. I only keep the images I am working on on the Mac.

1) Each time I restart the mac Elements Organiser cannot reconnect to the files. I have the sahare set up in preferences to automatically mount on re-start and although the share is mounted the organiser dialogue box complains that the location is Offline. I have tried browsing to the server location but it still cannot connect to the missing files. Clearly Elements is not designed to work with networked setup but there must be an easier way to reconnect the filesScreen Shot 2019-12-01 at 11.14.32.png

2) Secondly is there a way to get Organiser to ignore local folders on the Mac and only display thumbnails from the folders that I choose?

3) Finally are later versions of Elements better at handling networked files. If they are I would upgrade

However I suspect this may just come down to OSX not playing nicely with a windows network!!!!

Many thanks

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