can't select layer and suddently pop up could cot complete your request because of a program error

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Apr 07, 2021 Apr 07, 2021

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sorry with my english grammature and my bad manner (maybe)....
this may weird because i solve this problem myself  and i still ask question about it(just wonder if this may happen to another else?)
few hours ago while i open a psd file in photoshop cs6, i noticed if there some missing font in it and instantly find these font and install it(it fixed).

But when i select (for example) layer A with move tool(with disable auto select)... it wont selected instead select another layer B based layer panel, cant group with another layer, and ended with popup window "could cot complete your request because of a program error".
i try keeping to select layer A but it keep insist ended selected another layer B and pop up again...(since layer A is above than layer B, it should that layer A will selected right?)

i checked in adobe forum if that was rare case and difficult to solve about this popup...
while i wanna to try these solution, i wont to waste my time and risk this program, so this my solution (it may need some simple effort):
- hide all layer except layer that cannot selected
- make new layer
- ctrl + shift + e (merge all visible)
and it...fixed, but since there are 3 unselectable layer i do this 3 times...
hope help you all

(also sorry again for not included photo)

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