Cintiq 24 won't allow Photoshop dialog boxes to open. Help!

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Oct 09, 2020 Oct 09, 2020

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Hi all


This is beginning to drive me crazy now. I have put a couple of posts relating to this but unfortunately still no solution. Ive narrowed down the problem but not a solution.


I have had a Cintiq 24 for about a week now but it is unusable with Photoshop.

I have dragged Pshop to my Cintiq from my main monitor so that I can work on the display. Not unreasonable one would think. I am using CS5 Extended but so far everything else seems to work just fine.

However if I try to do anything that involves opening a dialog box such as create a new doc or adjust levels the dialog box will flash instantaneously on the MAIN monitor but wont appear on the Cintiq.


Now it is open SOMEWHERE because I get an audible warning if I try to do anything. I therefore have to hit esc to clear the dialog box (where ever it is) to get Pshop back to its idle state.

I have had a few suggestions from other forum members such as:

1. Using windows key+left right buttons to force the dialog box back onto the screen. (This only seems to work on application windows)

2. Resetting dialog boxes in prefs.


My main monitor is set at 1920x1200 and the Cintiq at 4k. If I down res the Cintiq to the same res as my main monitor the dialog boxes will open as expected. This suggests that the difference in resolution is causing the issue somehow.


My Cintiq is effectively redundant if I cant use Photoshop in it so I'd appreciate any help in solving this one.

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