Danger Lines, after relinking clip is cut back to the beginning of the original video

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Mar 29, 2021 Mar 29, 2021

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Hello Everyone, i was editing a video i shot and i opened the timeline today again and half of the clips suddenly had danger lines and i found a way to relink them but when i do it the clips are not cut at the moment i cut them in originally. The Video I shot is about 40 mins long and i cut out a lot and reduced it to 15 mins but the relinked clips all start at the beginning of the 40 min video, so basically the video restarts from the beginning with each cut. Idk if i'm explaining this right and you understand what I'm trying to say but what do i do? I dont want to have to redo the whole edit. I didnt move the footage at all inside of my harddrive, i didnt change anything at all, saved the video correctly before closing the programm etc. Idk what happended. 

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