Exporting JPGs into Canvas (LMS) issue

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Oct 26, 2020 Oct 26, 2020

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I teach a Photoshop class, and one of my students is encountering a weird problem. I've been teaching this course for 20 years and I am stumped, so consider this my appeal for help.

Since we are working remotely when my students finish working on certain assignments I have them upload a jpg of their finished images to the discussion board in Canvas (the LMS used by my college) so we can talk about them. Every time this student tries to upload his image he gets an error message saying the upload failed. My student is using an Apple laptop running Catalina and has Photoshop 2021 installed.

- None of my other students or myself are encountering this problem.

- I had him just drag a copy of his image into a browser window. Works fine.

- I had him download a random jpg off the internet and upload it. The file was accepted.

- I had him try saving the image as a PNG-24 using the export option. Still failed.

- I had him go into the Photoshop preferences and click the option to have Photoshop reset preferences upon exit. Still failed.

- I even walked him through how to manually remove the Export for Web prefs file from the Library on his laptop so Photoshop would generate a new one. Still failed.


I'm going to check with our IT support dept to see if they have any idea, but based upon past experience I'm not holding my breath. 

Any takers?



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