Images glitchy after using Wacom tablet (image divides into 4)

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May 10, 2021 May 10, 2021

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Hi guys.


For a while now I've had this issue whereas every time I unplug my Wacom tablet from my iMac desktop while using photoshop the images open in photoshop at the time will glitch, a massive grey/empty space will appear in the middle of each image and the image divides intself into 4, and moves to the 4 corners of the file.

If I zoom in or out or re-size the bounding box the 4 replicated parts in each corner just get bigger and smaller, the only way I've been able to resolve the issue is to restart photoshop, it's becoming quite a frustration (I'm also just curious why it's doing this).

The glitch isn't permanent (it's not saved into the file data, closing and re-opening the file fixes it).


My photoshop 2021 is completely up to date, as with my Wacom drivers etc. I've also not updated my desktop to Big Sur yet (to avoid any issues).
This issue has only really started happening while using photoshop 2021 though, any thoughts on what might be causing it? 


I've attached a screenshot, both images open should be full colour artworks, instead it's just blank space and the image dividing sections of itself into the 4 corners. Only ever happens after disconnecting the Wacom tablet while photoshop is open (been doing that for years and never had the issue).


I'm assuming it might be a graphics/GPU thing?


Any help greatly appreciated! 

Thanks guys!


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