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Apr 23, 2021 Apr 23, 2021

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These are my current issues with PS that I should be paid to use the program.
1: Had to uninstall the program from time to time to fix issues and did that last night to fix one that now works.
2: If I use eye dropper for the sky in one part of a panorama photo done in PS to fix parts of the merge area that are not close to what it should be, the area being fix does not see the same colour as it should be when I use the bucket fill. Because of this issue, I scrap the panorama shot.
3: Trying to do panorama photo has become a huge waste of time since an update before Christmas that it stops during merging and hangs that I kill it and start all over up to 6 times before it creates the photo. I even kill the program from time to time as well. Some time I can do several panoramas in a row before I hit a cannot merger one.
4: I do not like using auto as it gives the photo a curve looks and wrong items in the wrong location in fill as well weir colours where it should be the same as the original ones in various locations. I have used other settings and they work from time to time right, but some time I get the same results as Auto.
5: The big issue for me doing panorama is using Perspective that gives the correct square look as the ones that were used to create one that it only works about 5% of the time as most things in the shot has fallen apart regardless of if the 2 photos were shot with a tripod or not as a quick movement with the Mark 6 camera. Buildings that should be straight are falling all over the place or enlarge in places.
The same change before Christmas saw the .JPG of the photos I have made changes to and save to another number to be come .jpg which was opposite from all the years use before this change. It was fix on an update a month or 2 later but had to use another program to fix the issue until then.
End of the day, some panorama shots become scrap as it not worth keeping. Would like to use Reposition more. In a lot of cases I am using other setting and keeping away from auto as much as possible.
I can post links of photos that are up on my Flickr site to show the various issue I am having. < > + < > = with Auto curve < >

Then < > + < > = with Perspective that I use a lot and not happy doing it < >

I shot some where from 20-32,000 shots a year as a hobby. Have limit time just using PS as what I noted and no time to sit down to read the book, I bought last year to help me to expand my knowledge of using PS. At this time, I still am 2 weeks behind in what I shot with 700 in the back log and some of it due to these issues.

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