Layer rename keyboard shortcut not working

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May 03, 2021 May 03, 2021

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I have assigned the keyboard shortcut command+/ to Rename Layer. However, when I press it, the layer name highlights blue for a split second and then disapears so I can not simply start typing to rename the layer. I rename layers all the time and desperately need this function to work inlue of double clicking the name. If i do double click the name I can rename it and I used to be able to simply hit the TAB key to go to the next layer to rename it but that no longer works wither. Again, the next layer name turns blue for a split second and then goes away.


I do have Keyboard Meastro and Text Expander on my computer but I have closed both of those thinking that was the issue but it still persists even with those 2 apps not running.


Any thoughts?



Problem or error








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