Photoshop artboards jumping around when moving or duplicating with mouse pointer

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Feb 23, 2021 Feb 23, 2021

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In Photoshop (22.1.1 release) on a Mac running Mohave (10.14.6) I'm constantly having this issue where I either try to move or duplicate one or more artboards. They jump all around and don't usually end up where I drag them to. Especially if I try to hold the shift key to drag in line with something. It's hugely cumbersome and results in me redoing it one or more times till it magically works properly.


I've included a video recording. As you can see it let's me copy the first artboard fairly easily. But then I go to duplicate another and try to hold shift and it just finds it's own path to lock to that doesn't make sense. Then I create a third copy and it let's me drag on a line, but then I move it a bit too much and it gets stuck on a differnt path that it's locked to. This is a huge problem when I am working with say 10–20 artboards on the page and I am trying to duplicate quickly. Sometimes I even have it where it the mouse will no longer be on top of the edge I grabbed of the artboards I want to move and they go several inches away from it. It's crazy!


Anyone else having a similar issue and have solved it?

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