Photoshop file disappear on qNAP

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Mar 18, 2021 Mar 18, 2021

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Hi have a strange situation using Photoshop files on a qNAP samba share.

Photoshop file get deleted from folder during normal use. The setup is: more users (about 10) works on different folders on the same share.

Randomly some file disappear from file system during normal working operation. The sintoms are like that user save file,s work on other and then selecting recent file previously saved, it no more exist.


Looking on samba log I see that Photoshop in a save process do:

- create new PSD temp file

- close new PSD temp file

- delete current existing file

- rename temp file in current file

This is the standard.


Randomly I got what I attach.

user "..aldi" that work on file, and user "...sini" that is working on same folder, but not same file, that in fact delete the file where other are working.

Obviously the user swears that he has not deleted the file, and as this occur in more folders, more users and more file ALL using Photoshop, and only on Photoshop file, I believe users..


Is there any external application, any tool normally used that make (I suppose, thumbs?), anything that can configure this?

Thanks to everyone




Bug, Problem or error, Windows








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