Photoshop freezes constantly but one file at a time and don't let me use any tools (but saves)

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Mar 10, 2021 Mar 10, 2021

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Sorry but I don't know how to serching this problem to check if someone else asked about it.

I use Photoshop to draw on PC with Wacom (Intuos pro or Cintiq pro) and Photoshop has had the same problem for months (regardless of the PC I use): the program at one point freezes.
The pointer changes to a normal arrow (not the normal Windows one, a smaller one) and I can't use any tools. However, it allows me to go from file to file (the others work normally) and it even allows me to save or go back and advance in History (but without showing it graphically).
To solve it, I just have to close and reopen the file, but the problem is this happens CONSTANTLY. Sometimes I reopen the file and it immediately freezes again and I have to close and open it a couple of times.
I noticed it happens if I move the canvas many times with the Hand tool (which I have always done, nothing is out of the ordinary).

PCs always with the latest Windows 10, lots of ram memory and scratch disk space, powerful video card (both Nvidia and Radeon), Wacom with the latest driver and the latest Photosohop version.

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