Photoshop Not Working ! The Liquify tool and The Neural Filters Malfunctioning.

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Feb 12, 2021 Feb 12, 2021

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I am writing this hoping someone can help I spoke to different adobe agents the ones on the chat just leave you on ignore and dont respond, they help better over the phone. But I bought the new photoshop 2021 and I do digital design for work so it's a necessity to me everything works because I use it almost daily. Bottom line is the Neural Filters kept crashing and freezing my computer I have windows 10 hp , my computer is pretty fast and photoshop 2020 ran great on it, but somehow the 2021 version freezes not just photoshop but the whole computer so I have to force power it off and turn it back on, I spoke to a specialist did everything they said and still nothing fixed it so I just avoid clicking that feature now it's new so it's not like I really needed it. But now ! The Liquify tool is not working and I have the latest update I tried uninstalling and intsalling multiple times it didn't fix it. I tried asking for help on Adobe chat they just ignored me. The problem is when I open the image in liquify tool the picture doesn't show its a empty grey background. Someone said turn the graphics processer off, so I did but then that made it work but then all the features on the right to grow eyes and lips doesnt work with the graphics processor off so! I am beyond frustrated I haven't been able to work i dont know how to fix this can somebody help, please.     ;(

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