Photoshop Scripting in to change the color of an existing vector shape

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May 07, 2021 May 07, 2021

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I want to open an existing Photoshop file and select a layer called Square. There is a vector shape in this layer. I want to change the color of this vector shape. That is all.

I tried many things to approach the vector like:

test = docRef.layers("Square")
test = docRef.pathItem("Square")

All attempts failed.

I guessed it worked like a text item which I finally got to work after a full day:

  textColor = CreateObject("Photoshop.SolidColor")
        textColor.RGB.Red = 255
        textColor.RGB.Green = 0
        textColor.RGB.Blue = 0
        textItemRef.Color = textColor

This absolutely works. I don't understand how a vector shape can be so much more difficult to change.

I am not smart enough to understand Objects.Properties.Methods and such so I need a real world code example. So just referring to some guide won't help me at all. I must see working code in front of me alas. But if you can help, please do so. Without examples all code books are worthless to me.

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