Photoshop skips/ignores .gif frames after exporting

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Mar 15, 2021 Mar 15, 2021

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Hello everyone!


I'm currently trying to create a gif in PS6 on Windows, which includes scrolling images and fading text. It is about 25 seconds long with 30 fps.

I followed a tutorial and used "Create Video Timeline". The execution was fairly simple, and when playing the file back during editing, everything is smooth and correct; exactly how I want it to look.


However, once I go over to "Save for Web" to save it as a gif, the finished file seems to get completely messed up. It's choppy and skips frames seemingly at random—even the last frame of the gif isn't what it should be, it stops way too early.
It says the file has 154 frameshowever, if my math is correct, it should be closer to 750, given it's 30 fps and 25 seconds long? Correct me if that is wrong, I'm rather new to this.


I've also gone ahead and saved the gif anyway, to see if it's just the preview in Photoshop, but it looks as choppy and wrong both in my image preview program, as well as in Chrome.


I've googled around, but I just cannot find an answer.

Unfortunately, I am not able to share the gif, as it contains sensitive imagery. However, I have gone ahead and blocked out any images to show what the timeline looks like below.


Thank you to anyone who takes the time!


Timeline Screenshot:


"Save for Web" Screenshot:


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