Solution: Adobe Photoshop stopped working.

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Mar 10, 2021 Mar 10, 2021

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There is no doubt that once we get used to certain versions of any program it is difficult for us to jump to more current versions. Due to this, incompatibilities and related problems cause programs like Photoshop to fail.



Photoshop stopped working


When an Application fails in some of its main components, the message always turns out to be similar to this:

The message is not very accurate, so the error could be anywhere. Generally when we expand the detail of the error it tells us that it is in "AppCrash" which confuses us even more since it is the general module of the application. These are some of the solutions that we can try in the case of photoshop, although some may well be used for other applications.

1) Run as administrator:

A thousand times, this is something that we should already take into account, when an Application crashes or does not start directly, right-clicking on the executable and running as administrator could be the immediate solution. Bear in mind that this is possible as of Windows 7, and is also necessary for most applications that modify system files.
2) Compatibility:
Adjusting the compatibility of the application can be another of the necessary steps for troubleshooting, mainly because there are applications that are only designed for older versions of the system. Click on [properties] of the executable and the [compatibility] tab can give us options such as running the file with compatibility for Windows XP, taking into account that this application worked well for us in XP.
3) Disable acceleration
Depending on the video card that we have, we can adjust this value to "Enabled" or "Disabled". In Photoshop, as in other programs, there is a configuration section that can be accessed in the [Edit] menu and then in [Preferences], and there we will go to the [Performance] section. In it we can find an option called "Enable OpenGL drawing (Enable OpenGL Drawing)." Unchecking it may solve the problem, since we will prevent the image to be processed from being processed by said technology, which may be the cause of the error.
With some of these processes we should solve the problem of an Application (in this case Photoshop) that is checked as soon as it starts. In any case, we also have the reinstallation of it. If it worked before, it may work by reinstalling it. A good reinstallation is done by removing the program through its uninstaller and then running a cleaning tool like CCleaner.
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