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Feb 14, 2021 Feb 14, 2021

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So I'm currently learning how to use my cameo 4 pro & considering a glowforge like machine. 

I know my silhouette software will let me use the fonts/ pictures/ creations from PS; but what happens if after, say 4months, I decide I've gotten to the end of my financial abilities, I don't renew my monthly PS payment. 


Do I lose everything? Apart from my creations that I've saved as jpegs, do I lose the ability to edit them with the PS software despite it being installed in my computer? Do I lose all of the fonts/ access to those fonts I've gathered one the various months? Are there similar programs I can just buy outright? 

There's got to be some way to buy a PS lite or at least have everything you've had up to and ending where you stopped paying. I just am at a loss and while I've been working with it and my illustration board (having a hard time finding another program that understands & applies the pressure of the pen) but if I can't access anything later, I'm going to stop now and keep looking for a comparable program.

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