Wacom Touch Ring Slow Rotate Problem IDENTIFIED

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Feb 08, 2020 Feb 08, 2020

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hello, for those with Wacom tabets and have touch rings or touch strips on them, then we all know that "Rotate" Canvas option is slow and buggy, and does not work as should. 


I have discovered what is causing problem.


When on Brush tool, check what kind of brush you are selected on. 


Are you on "Real Bristle" type of brush? The type of brush where you can adjust Bristle Qualities (such as Bristles/Length/Thickness/Stiffness/Angle) ?


If so, then try to use touch ring/touch strip to rotate the canvas - you will see that roatation is more responsive.


But if you are on brush type that is standard and NOT "real bristle" then now using touch ring/strips to rotate canvas will be very slow and buggy.


So appears that Real Bristle type of brushes will allow for fast canvas rotation, but normal (older) style of brushes will cause slowdown in canvas rotation.


very strange behavior, but worth it is into looking into. 


For many years I could not figure out why sometimes canvas would rotate with touch ring quite fast, but other times was too slow. Well this is why. I don't know why, but it is why.


Can anyone else verify this with their tablets?

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