warning: ps 22.2 "Sync presets" > spinning beach ball for hours although "cc app" shows sync finish

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Feb 15, 2021 Feb 15, 2021

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(running big sur 11.2.1)


i updated to ps (photoshop) 22.2 with the new "sync your presets" option.

i checked this new feature and let it sync. however, after 6h, when i finished my job and quit ps, it says "sync not finished" - although, i checked the creative cloud app, where you can see, if ps is syncing files, and the sync was idle, and showed up as finished all the time.

the spinning beachball occured and took another 1h, i left it like this, in hope it finishes. after 2h, finder said "maxed out RAM by ps, 200GB RAM, no ram left". i force quit ps, reboot,

and repeated those steps another 5 times.



1 day later, i erased my mbp15" 2017 and clean installed big sur from scratch, and then ps 22.2

same behavior, it seems to have issues syncing the presets and i can see, how it accumulates my ram, every second another 1MB RAM is gone? i installed istatmenus https://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/ and can see, what ps is doing all the time.


i did 10 force quits, and now i have to erase ps again... 


edit: another bug: after erasing ps 22.2, i installed it again:

and now, ps 22.2 with new feature "sync presets" automatically switches on "sync presets" in my ps settings.

i had to force quit, due to the issue above, but unchecked "sync presets" and quit ps without force quit.

restarted, looked into settings "force quit" was still unchecked. quit ps and restarted ps, looked into settings "force quit"

was checked on, although i did not check it. erased ps 22.2 and went back to older ps 22.1.





Bug, Problem or error








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