Why does Photoshop shut down without allowing me to cancel, giving me only options to save or not??

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Feb 18, 2021 Feb 18, 2021

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Ever since I upgraded to to the full Creative Cloud and Photoshop 2021 last month, every so often Photoshop will suddenly start to shut down and bring up dialog boxes for all my open files, and ask me if I want to save the changes or not, but there will be no "Cancel" button, plus no option to Save As. I suspect this is because it's logging me out of CC and needs me to log back in. If it's just to log me back in, is there a way I can disable this, or at least have Photoshop ask me to log back in without closing my file? Or is it a setting in the CC manager? Or is it closing my files without the option to cancel for another reason?  Sometimes it happens in the process of my doing experimental design and illustration explorations, so I might not want to save over my original file, but because it doesn't give me the option to cancel the shut down nor save as a new file name, I have to commit to all those experiments or lose them all. It's really annoying.

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