How do we return to the face preview after opening media associated with a face on the people tab?

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Sep 06, 2020 Sep 06, 2020

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PROBLEM:  After previewing a picture or video associated with a face, from an unnamed people stack, we cannot return to the face stack listing to name that person.  How do we toggle back to the faces we are trying to identify or name?


BACKGROUND:  As we begin identifying unamed faces, we open an unnamed stack and sometimes have to look at the associated media (picture or video) in order to positively identify the person.  We do this by double-clicking a face which brings up all the media for this stack with the desired photo or video selected with a check mark (wish it would just bring up the single desired photo).


Then we must double-click the photo to enlarge it enough to identify the person or to play the video.  Once the person is identified, we would like to return back to the unnamed stack in face view, so we can name that person, along with copies of the same face.


The problem is that when we back out of the media window, using the return arrow in the titlebar, we are NOT returned to the unnamed face stack we were working with, but to the preview of ALL unnamed face stacks.  Often that preview has often updated or changed, so we have to search for the stack we were originally working with.


Interestingly, when we initially select an unnamed stack, we are presented with context options to view either the faces or the media.  As long as we only review the faces or media, the options remain in the screen and we can toggle between media and faces.  However, if we double-click any face or associated media to get a better view, the option to toggle back to the faces in that stack disappears and we cannot toggle back.


Hopefully, this makes sense, but in the end this behavior makes it extremely frustrating to inspect a face for proper identification and then return back to select and name that face, along with other similar occurences in that same stack.  We hope we have missed some technique and, if not, that Adobe will fix a cludgy interface that makes it extremely hard to see enlarged media and then go back and associate a name with the face.  The reason for going back to the face stack, and not simply identifying the face in the enlarged photo, is that we can select multiple faces from the stack and rename that face in all of the media at one time.  Thank you for any assistance.


NOTE:  We are new to using the people tab, which is an incredible feature!  But it may be helpful to others to know that processing faces for thousands of photos and videos can seem to take forever.  The problem is that we initially thought the Organizer had locked up and become unresponsive.  However, the Windows Task Manager indicated the program was still working.  So we waited and things are getting better as organizer seems to get more of the processing done.  The only question we still have is whether Organizer needs to be open for it to continue processing faces or will it keep doing it in the background after closed?

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