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PP Beta: When I try to export to MP4 it creates an M4V and ACC instead.

Engaged ,
Jan 01, 2024 Jan 01, 2024

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Before I start, this message is for Kevin-Mohanan...I tried to find the PP beta community and I couldn't find it anywhere.  Clearly there is a PS and Illustrator beta community but I couldn't find a PP beta.  So feel free to move this post.


This is something new that just started happening.  I am "TRYING" to finish my huge Kauai family vacation video.  The video is over 3-1/2 hours long, so there's no sense in trying to render this whole film.  So I decided to break it down into DAILY videos.    The video I am trying to render is around 2 minutes.  Every time I try to render it PP tells me it will take 60 minutes to render the file.  I feel like that is super long, but I don't fight it.  I render it and leave my YouTube studio.


However, when I got back to my studio, PP beta has shut down (a very common trend with this beta; if it doesn't like something or you click too quickly it just shuts down for no reason).  So I don't get that wonderful little blue notification in the lower right stating, "...your file has successfully rendered."  When I go looking in the place where I told PP to render the file, an mp4 file is not in there.  Instead, PP has rendered out a .ACC and a .M4v file.  WHAT THE WHAT? 


Beta PP error exporting to MP4.jpg

To see if the footage was legit, I created a new sequence, imported these two files, and threw them on the timeline and VOILA, the video looks perfect.  HOWEVER...why did it not encode it to an MP4 file?  It is like the internal media encoder gets all the way done rendering the file (albeit after a VERY long time rendering), locks up, doesn't finish encoding to mp4, and leaves these two ominous strange files in the file folder where I wanted it to render the mp4 file to.


Now, one thing I can say about testing beta versions of PP is you get all the cool new tricks before they are released to the public.  However, as I found out with this major project...at a VERY VERY steep price.


For future reference, I will NEVER create a major project like this one in a beta version.  Trying to complete this project over the last few months has caused me more migraines than I would want.  I thought I would be able to open it in the latest PP version but it fails to do so.


With this new error, I am more than likely going to have to render out all 10 daily videos like this:

  1. Render daily video files in PP beta.
  2. After it FAILS to encode the file properly, I will then import the .acc and the .m4v files back into PP.
  3. Create a new daily sequence.
  4. Import the two files.
  5. Try to render out the new daily file to see if it will ACTUALLY render it out to a proper mp4 file.


And rinse and repeat ten times.


Let me know if anyone else is having issues...


Beta Version 24.2.0 (build 48)

Dell Precision 7820 Workstation

Windows 10 Pro for workstations (64-bit;x64-based processor)

Intel(R) Xeon(R) silver 4110 CPU @ 2.10GHz

NVIDIA Quadro P4000

64Gb RAM


Yours truly,


Randy S. Milliron

Bug Unresolved






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Community Expert ,
Jan 02, 2024 Jan 02, 2024

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Moved to beta forum.

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