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Properties panel / essential graphics panel freezes sometimes after pr beta updates

Participant ,
Jun 21, 2024 Jun 21, 2024

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This bug freaks me out randomly over the last year.

sometimes  whe premiere gets an update I open for the first time and start using mogrts the essential graphics panel and now properties panel freeze the whole app this only happens now with the mogrts and when I initally select one particular on the timeline to edit its controls

Previously I haven't posted but I got a freeze not only mogrts been selected but the clips and graphics elements ike rectangle and with any of them selected trying to open the essential graphics would freeze pr

I captured the mogrt freeze behaviour in the video and also in the end (previously today the computer reboot and resetting the whole pr preferences halpend but then it updated once more today and it started happening again and this time I filmed it) I had a work around in the end of the video -- to close the properties panel clicking on the effects control panel twicking something in there to initialize and then reopening the properties panel and then it wont freeze. so like I said this disturbs me for some long time sometimes randomly requrring...

I've sped up the video showcasing only the most valuable moments and not the wait while pr reopens)
System info
    Application: Premiere Pro (Beta) v24.6.0.33
    OS: Windows v10.0.26231, RAM: 47.86 GB GB, CPUs (logical): 16


Nvidia 2080 Super MaxQ

Bug Unresolved
Bug , Crash , Error , Performance






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