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Still extant bug: Proxies relink dialogue appears unnecessarily

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Jul 14, 2023 Jul 14, 2023

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Just tested in v23.6 beta - the proxies relink bug is still there (i.e. where opening a project prompts to relink proxies, but clicking cancel shows that they are in fact linked).

To replicate:
Production containing:
Rushes project with 1 clip, proxy created.
Edit project with 1 sequence - with just the clip from the rushes project in it.

a. move proxy media to different location
b. open rushes project within production and relink proxy via relink dialogue prompt
c. save and close rushes project
d. open rushes project - it will prompt to relink proxy - click cancel
e. proxy *is* linked

this repeats every time you open the rushes project.

Rushes project must be open at same time as edit project for links to propagate.

If you open the edit project, with the rushes project open, it will ask you to relink, click cancel and the proxy will be linked. If you *save* the edit project it will still ask to relink every time but clicking cancel will bypass that and the proxy will be linked.

Possible workaround (although clicking cancel every time may be less exhausting):

If you detach the proxy in the rushes project then attach to the moved file *then* it seems to remove the constant request to relink every time. I've only tried this with one file and that is painful enough. (Seem to remember re-attaching multiple proxies was very painful one at a time procedure.)

Bug Unresolved
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