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If "Enhance Speech" is meant to compete with FCP's Voice Isolation it has a LONG WAY TO GO

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Sep 20, 2023 Sep 20, 2023

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Results for the "Enhance Speech" work fairly well at removing reverb and background noise, however at the moment it is not very useful in that anything longer than 10 mins of audio takes not only an EXTREME amount of processing (which you have to wait for) but even once it's done it still seems to require ANOTHER layer of preview rendering.

So for example an hour long recording takes approx 90 mins - 2 hours to process once the "Enhance" button is clicked. Even after that's completed, once you hit spacebar on your timeline it then goes to an additional rendering bar (the usual one that's been around with PP for creating prerendered clips).

Compare this with FCP's Voice Isolation which is instantly added and requires no in-program processing time, and additionally the results sound a bit better still with FCP.

If you really need a voice improvement tool right now, go with FCP or ClarityRX or Izotope because once again Adobe is well behind the curve with their focus still being on moving things around in the UI.

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