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Proxy workflow - suggestions

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May 08, 2024 May 08, 2024

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1. Be useful, when attaching proxies, for the dialogue to move the focus to the proxy that has been 'found' (rather than having to scroll through what can be a long list)
2. Be good to be able to *exclude* certain paths / filenames and *require* others - even when the proxies are correctly named and in the correct location relative to others sometimes it attaches the *original* file, from a different drive, rather than the proxy (that is named filename_Proxy). 
3. Be good to have a notification / indication when proxy length != original clip length - have had some long proxies fail during creation - so they are 30 mins rather than 48 mins of underlying clip. 

4. Be good to have an indication of duplicate proxy names that are available for linking (e.g. been using camera footage that is named YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.mov - so there are *occasional* original clips that have the same name).

5. 'Preseve folder hierarchy' would also be useful in this (and many other) occassions. Although currently the attach dialogue requires babysitting through each seperate sub-folder (e.g. proxys/cam1 then proxys/cam2 etc)

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