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Why is the Transcribe Tool so Bad?

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Jun 23, 2024 Jun 23, 2024

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OK, so Transcribe has been part of Premiere for over a year now. Why is this not doing a better job in transcribing video? 


Example: Every video I start with my name. In the last 100 videos, it only did it correctly probably 3 times. This last video it transcribed as "Sheriff Powers".


If I use any other transcribe AI device and say "Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine", it will transcribe as such. Even Geekazine gets transcribed correct 95% of the time through most of the speech to text programs I use. 


It's also about common words. It misses a lot that (once again) other services will catch and correct. 


These are not poor audio  or super fast talking videos. I feel this should be working a lot better. 


At least have it highlight areas it had a hard time transcribing. 


End of day, I'll edit video (using text), but if I want to put it into a video, I'll upload to YouTube, pull the transcript, then add it to Premiere. 

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