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Jul 08, 2021 Jul 08, 2021

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The import workspace is largely useless atm.

  1. Can't remove Sample Media as a favourite
  2. Can't rename Favourites
    1. Many projects with the same folder structure makes favouriting them pointless. Having a bunch of favourites named Source is a bit useless.
  3. Local
    1. What is this even supposed to be usefull for? Does anyone ever store project footage in their user folder?
    2. This is just a total waste of space and should be replaced with something derived from the project folder you set when creating the project. Have it list the folders you have there with an option to hide/show what folders to appear. And be remembered between projects if you want.
  4. No where to paste an URL. Really? the only way to get to my projects folder is to click my way from the root? How is this of use to anyone? Atleast allways have the project folder as a link in this window. And for the love of god, lket me paste a link to where my media is located!

First impressions of this beta is that it's purely directed to amateure home users, and quite hostile to Professionals.

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