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5.1 audio volume is very low during editing, source files and test renders are louder

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Oct 16, 2023 Oct 16, 2023

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Hello! I'm trying to edit some videos where the source files have 5.1 audio in them, but while Premiere correctly detects them and you can see the audio track with a 5.1 label when dragging the files into the project, the audio volume during playback is much lower than the source file. In addition, I've done test renders where I simply place the file in the project with no edits to render, and the resulting file also has the correct louder volume. I've played both the source and test renders on a variety of players like VLC and Windows's built-in Video Player, and I've also uploaded them to YouTube with the same effect.


It seems Premiere is always playing 5.1 sounds too quietly. I can't just raise gain levels because it'll make the final render much louder than it sounds while editing. This is a brand new install of Premiere as I'm learning it for the first time, so I don't believe there are any weird settings I could've changed by mistake. Any help is appreciated because I couldn't find anything online about this.

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Import and ingest , Sound






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